Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Observations:

1) When I was at the grocery today I lined up behind a young woman with two kids in tow. Her order consisted of; three quart bottles of Colt 45, a large bag of Doritos, two boxes of store-brand 'Lucky Charms',two of those cardboard thin frozen pizzas, and a gallon of milk. She stopped at the front desk to buy cigarettes on the way out. I'm sure that the stock of whole grain foods, fresh fruits and veggies, and high quality proteins were just fine in the house, and she just stopped by to pick up a few treats.

2) There have been six or seven people in my Sunday school class (out of about 20) with foot issues over the last few months. It has been noted after my Thanksgiving attempt to slice my toe off that it was a heck of a coincidence. My friend Kitty fell and shattered her ankle 10 days ago - upping the total by yet another out of action pedal extremity. Is it time to schedule a Blessing of the Feet in this group?

3) I have started easing my driving restrictions imposed during the era of $4 gasoline. I am going to have to remind myself not to fall completely back into those old habits. Today it was a lovely day to be out driving. The sun is shining brightly enough to pretend it is sunny and warm. I saw two foxes walking along the side of tower road, enjoying the weather.

4) There is an article in our paper today about recycling televisions ahead of the HDTV only start-up in February. The TV being dismantled by the technician in the photo accompanying the article was much newer and larger than the one we currently use, and several of the TV stacked behind him seemed to be the same. The article quoted him as saying "we generally get sets that are 8-12 years old and have been sitting out in the garage for a few years, and people just want to be rid of them." So, is the average life of a TV only 8-12 years, or is our 14 year old (still in use, one-and-only) set just the exception to the rule? I know there are times when a TV is just ready to be shot. My mom's set was laughable when she died. 30 years old and had been reduced to green-and-white, but I can't see replacing a TV every 8 years...

Anyhow. Have a Happy and Safe New Year Celebration, Everyone. May 2009 be the year that God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams. ~Marci

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

For God loved us all so very much, that he gave his Son to die for us. That we might believe, and have everlasting life.

In Christ is life, and in Christmas is a new beginning.

Blessings of this Holiday to every one.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't tell Ralphie!

But he's getting a genuine Red Rider 200-shot carbine action air rifle - with a compass in the stock. Hope he doesn't shoot his eye out.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I know, It's been a while.

I haven't found the motivation to actually write anything recently. This time of year I have this ennui that comes with the short, gray days and specifically this year the lack of Christmas activities. There are no concerts to travel for, no big or little Church programs to do, and as far as I know no party invites. I really don't even want to try and put anything together myself, and I don't want to want to. Before you get all buggy-eyed and upset ( and you know who I'm talking to) no, you can't fix it. Some time in the end of February, or maybe earlier, when it is sunny and bright with snow, and the day light is lasting longer than 9 hours I'll find something that catches my interest and I'll find the inspiration and creativity that have deserted me in this gloomy winter. Until then I'll get along ok. I'll still smile and laugh - just a little less. I'll be happy with a day where I get the essentuals done, but it isn't likely I'll start any projects. If I do, they are just as likely to be abandoned. Don't take it personally. I should have been a hibernating animal. ~M.E.