Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I know, It's been a while.

I haven't found the motivation to actually write anything recently. This time of year I have this ennui that comes with the short, gray days and specifically this year the lack of Christmas activities. There are no concerts to travel for, no big or little Church programs to do, and as far as I know no party invites. I really don't even want to try and put anything together myself, and I don't want to want to. Before you get all buggy-eyed and upset ( and you know who I'm talking to) no, you can't fix it. Some time in the end of February, or maybe earlier, when it is sunny and bright with snow, and the day light is lasting longer than 9 hours I'll find something that catches my interest and I'll find the inspiration and creativity that have deserted me in this gloomy winter. Until then I'll get along ok. I'll still smile and laugh - just a little less. I'll be happy with a day where I get the essentuals done, but it isn't likely I'll start any projects. If I do, they are just as likely to be abandoned. Don't take it personally. I should have been a hibernating animal. ~M.E.


Christina LMT said...

I know exactly how you feel. I hate the days when I arrive at work in the dark and leave for home in the dark. Bring on the sun!

Kate said...

Come ON! NO FUNKS ALLOWED! You and yours are healthy, warm, comfy. You can't do anything about cold weather but you can start and live each day as if you mean to make it count!
Cheering you on!