Friday, July 10, 2009

The Roller Coaster Report pt 2

Cedar Point has 17 roller coasters, and about 25 other 'thrill' rides. A person might go to Six Flags to see the shows, or Disney to hang around with the costumed charactors, but at Cedar Point if you aren't riding, you are the poor schlep sitting at the exit gate holding everyone elses crap. It's been voted the best ride park for 11 years in a row.
The Gemini is a roller coaster to ride for the sentimental value - if you are a hardened 'coaster addict. The racing coasters were built 1978, and were at that time the tallest and fastest in the world. It has two parallel tracks and two trains are sent out at a time to 'race' to the finish. The left track always wins. It is a good, old-fashioned bone jarring wooden coaster from the era just before the stealies took over. It still has it's claustrophobic 1 person wide queue fences - from the time before the psychologists found out that while waiting in line people are happier standing two wide. Rode it just once for the nostalgia.
Pictured here is the Gemini in front - and the Top Thrill Dragster (That yellow tower w/ crosspieces) The Dragster was built at a stunning price in 2003 to right a wrong. Back in 2000, the Millennium Force was built as the fastest, highest coaster on the planet - and not long after some upstart park in Japan built a coaster something like the Dragster, and stole the records. Cedar Point built the dragster to temporarily get those records back. The stupid thing is that "fastest, highest' is all it does. Period. The Dragster uses a hydraulic launch system something like is used to shoot planes off from an aircraft carrier, then it shoots the riders straight up 400ft. The trains go over the top of that loop, shoot back down (with one wicked full twist) and then back you go to the station for unloading - for a total of about 25 seconds. It's a ride to say you have done, and it is very cool, don't get me wrong - but not one that your average connoisseur would willingly wait an hour for more than once a park visit. I managed to ride it twice in our two day trip. One with Garrett, and once with the girls.

Part 2 B next since blogger ate the two other pix in this post. ~M.E.

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