Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Harry

Today's the big day. 25 years ago I conned this kid into walking down the Church aisle with me and making a lot of promises in public. Guess what - he kept them. But what to do about it?

Harry bought me not one - but three nicely framed pieces of reproduction artwork. I'm now the lucky owner of a fake Klimt, a repro Blake print, and a framed Leonardo notebook page of cat doodles. He also randomly purchased a lovely and appropriate silver bracelet for me.

What did I find for the guy who has everything? A studio that he can once again be comfortable working in. Yup - the walls are done. Sadly, they are two different colors, but the good news is that they are *only* two colors.

Dear Harry,
Thank you for being a great guy. Thanks for putting up with all the junk that comes from living with three girls - and mostly doing it with great fortitude. Thanks for being a fine example of that disappearing species - man who takes care of his family. I love you



Nathanial said...

Hey, congratulations you two!

Kate said...

Thanks to both of you for holding it together, holding it close, and holding up through all times. We are so pleased to count you among our long-time married friends!
Congratulations to you!

medic3327 said...

Congratulations Marci & Harry may you have 25 more happy and joyful years!!!