Friday, August 29, 2008

What Matters

Sometimes it is hard to sort out what really, really matters from a group of convoluted issues. But it is funny how out of a whole slew of things for me, for right now the main issue shines out like a beacon.

To some people what matters most is love, integrity, and things like the Golden Rule. To other people, what matters most is money. Using money as bait will easily let you know where a person's heart is. It's no wonder that so much of the advise in the Bible is about not loving money.

I'd get more specific, but some people involved might read this blog, and the internet isn't really a place for private thoughts that might hurt loved ones. We'll just see how this one washes out.



Kate said...

There's a big "ouch" in there somewhere!
Life doesn't happen the way we want but it does happen and for that we must go along with the way God has laid things out for others, not just for our own selves. Some of what we each needs to learn comes to us sequentially, some as a light going on in our heads, some through experience. The point is what matters to you or me or anyone has a lot to do with where they've been but does not limit where they may go.

M.E. Again said...

Don't worry, Kate, there's no big ouch - just a gentle regret for all of those 'might have beens' we all have. Time to continue on my way, God has big things for me to do, and wasting time on little things that are way past isn't how to get to them.
See you next week!