Saturday, January 10, 2009

On Newness

We've acquired a new computer. For the first time in nine years the box on this desk is a complete switch out. Oh, The keyboard, monitor, and mouse are the same, but 'mainbox' is sitting forlornly on the floor. It is the victim of a viscous one-two punch - a failing power supply and a nasty Trojan virus that even McAfee couldn't tell us how to remove from it's tangled innards.

Harry ordered a new Dell - one stripped of the crapware, and most of the price raising options. It's supposed to be faster, stronger, and have the capacity of an Olympic sized swimming pool. So far he has spent about 10 hours setting it up, feeding it programs and files, and trying to smooth out the spots where the os doesn't like *anything* we already own. This is my first chance to sit down and have a look.

I found my blog. I found my precious picture files - but also found out that if I approach them from the wrong direction it is like they are all thrown into a big box and jumbled up. (from the right direction they are neatly filed by dates, events, or subjects - just as I left them) I found iTunes, and my music, but none of the history, playlists, or checkmarks. It's ok - I need to tidy up my library of music anyhow.

I found out that there are broken links between Facebook and Youtube, and between blogs and Wikipedia. Going to have to figure that one out.

So, it's kind of like getting a new pair of shoes. It's really cool, but the breaking in period may be a mite painful. Thank God for Harry, who is in charge of this whole conflagration. I have no idea how people who don't have live-in computer geeks even keep these things running.

Now you know for sure what you have always suspected. I am pretty much computer illiterate. But, it's not what you know, it's who you know. *wink*



D'Joni said...

Yes! and I am glad you let us use him once a year or so....

medic3327 said...

Yea and just think of the $75.00 an hour you save over the rest of us smucks.