Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Little School

It's a new semester at Goldenwood Academy. Our Star Student seems a bit reluctant to embrace this as an opportunity to knuckle in and excel at her studies, but that isn't unexpected. As the subjects get harder, the education days get longer and we both look back fondly at the time way back in the elementary school years when two or three hours of paperwork a day had her sailing through the rather artificial academic expectations of our American definition of a good education. Now in these highschool years when college testing looms along with the expectation of cogent writing and a working knowledge of history, science, literature, mathematics, and at least one foreign language - well the books are open a lot longer each school day.

My job, now that I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, is to make sure that all of the requisite pieces are in place to insure her a successful start in her college career. I am facilitator, guidance councilor, motivator, disciplinarian, housekeeper and taxidriver.

Then, when she cheerfully goes off to college dorm life in the fall of 2012, I shall be - what? unemployed? Retired? - No, but certainly in for a career change.

lots to do between now and then, though. ~M.E.

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