Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another profession to check off my list

I found another job that I couldn't do today: Camp Nurse. I had to go out to Church Camp and get Hannah today and take her to prompt care for a staph infection. All turned out OK, but I had to turn in a set of antibiotics to the camp nurse when I took her back.

As I was filling out the form and explaining that Hannah is susceptible to the wrenched things, a trio of dripping high school girls schlepped into the first aide cabin. They obviously had just come from the pool, and were all just a bit sunburned and pouty.

"I have a head ache again." the first one whines through her nose. You have to imagine the whine, since I could never do it justice. "Worse than last night, it's really bad." ( Think BAAAAAAD!!!!!! and end with a little sniff and whimper.)

" Do you have these headaches often?" the nurse inquires.

"Not at home, but every year I come out here. It *really, really* hurts!" More insufferable whining.

" Have you been drinking enough water."

" I've been drinking LOTS of water, I need Tylenol! Really bad!"

" Rules are in order to get Tylenol, you have to drink a liter of water, and lie down on a cot here in the hut for 20 minutes first. Then you have to stay for 20 minutes after, lying down and drinking more water. Just like yesterday." The nurse seems to at least have a clue in this situation.

" But I just want to get some Tylenol, and go back to the picnic tables with my friends." (Keep imagining the insufferable whine)

"20 minutes and a liter of water, first." the nurse says, standing her ground.
When headache girl pauses, her friend pipes up:" My legs are killing me, I need some ibuprofin." in a less whiny, but still totally annoying voice.

" Leg cramps in this weather mean too much exercise, or dehydration, so it'll be 20 minutes and a liter of water for you, too." The nurse says wearily.

"But I think I just strained something in the pool... I just need some ibuprofin." The second girl says, ratcheting up the whine two notches.

"Then the rest will do you some good, would you like an ice pack too?" The girls mumble and grump back to the section where there are some cots, and the nurse pulls a large pitcher of water and two cups out of the fridge, she looks at the third girl.

"I just came up here to make sure they were ok." she mumbles as she scoots out the door.

I'm sure she deals with this 40 times a day - it sure looked like she did. I wanted to laugh so much. I loved the punitive enforced nap. Like an over tired 2 year old, that's all they really need anyhow. ~M.E.

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