Saturday, October 11, 2008

a batch of mixed feelings

By the end of next week it's very likely that I'll either be happy - but also a little sad, or I'll be sad and frustrated - but also relieved and a little glad.

You see, M Girl went to Chicago for a job interview on Friday. She fought her way through a bajillion resumes to be one of about 40 people to get an interview, and has made the cut for a second and final day-long interview next Tuesday. The company has maybe 4 jobs to fill and she was told that they are doing follow-ups with maybe 7 people.

Getting the job means a big step for her career, a decent salary and benefits, and moving to Chicago sometime before Thanksgiving. There's the Happy/Sad. I've enjoyed having her closer to home. I missed not having her around, and I'll miss it greatly again.

Not getting the job means working at the two part-time jobs she has gotten to pay the bills while continuing to look for a good career job and doing her on-line classwork - and staying in Springfield and thus close enough to hang around with us a little longer. There's the sad/happy.

So, all I can pray is that God's will in her life be done and that He'll bless her, and that He'll grant me peace either way.


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medic3327 said...

AMEN!!! She will be in our prayers.