Friday, October 17, 2008

D.C. Comments #1

~ flying on the 6:20 from STL pretty much bites. But getting to D.C. early on the first day here makes up for it mostly. The Hotle had a room ready for us at 9:45 AM. We didn't have to store our luggage, and could clean up some before we hit the town. Nice.

~ $40.00 for two (very nice) chunks of pizza, a good sizes salad, drinks and two little extra things. Welcome to eating in a town where everyone is either a tourist to be bled dry (like us) or expensing every dime ( like us, too.)

~ The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum is awesome. I wonder how they got all of the Soviet era stuff. Fire sale when the CCCP broke up?

~ The Hershorn Museum is the best 'Modern and Contemporary' art museum I've visited. I managed to spend about 45 minutes there without out and out laughing in derision at anything. Can't wait until Saturday when I can spend the day at the National Gallery and the Phillips Collection. Can't wait!

~ Today's plans include a tour of the Capitol arranged through Dick Durbin's office, Arlington National Cemetery, and The National Portrait Gallery.

cheers ~M.E.

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