Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love fall. It features the best weather, best clothing and best colors in our woods. October is the month where we've transitioned from Summer back into a sensible schedule and are not yet being hounded by the upcoming Christmas season. It's a time of year to get along with stuff.

I'm not looking forward to the War of the Leaves. But that is a small price to pay. ~M


medic3327 said...

But just think you get to practice one of your favorite pastimes pyromania BURN LEAVES BURN!!!

M.E. Again said...

Woah there, Sparky. Can you imagine what might happen if we lit off a pile of leaves the size of a car back here in our woods? Remember: "Only you can prevent forest fires!". We shred and compost the leaves, and only burn big piles of brush wood - carefully on less windy days. There's still plenty of burnination going on - and you can come up and help if you want! **grin**