Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gas at $1.82

Never thought I'd see that again in my life. We're not going to go back to the way we were driving before the huge price surge last spring, though. Too bad for the oil companies, they left the prices up long enough for new driving habits to form - at least in our family. Have you noticed that grocery prices haven't come down yet? they told us that transportation prices drove them up. HHmm.

I drove the truck to the west side of Springfield yesterday without feeling guilty every mile for the first time in forever. At the current prices that trip costs about $5.25. When gasoline was over $4. a gallon it cost about 12 bucks. ( I took the truck b/c the van was in the shop.)

I have to be happy with these little things. We were still able to spend a little cash on a few splurges: make-up, chocolate, a new CD of music... God is providing all of our needs, and a great many of our wants. Even if the lesson from the brokerage statements are that we have to trust Him for our future.

OK, let's just leave it at that. ~M.E.

Edit: Spoke too soon, $2.08 all over town this morning. what magic happened over night to make all the gasoline in Spfld worth .26 cents more this morning? No, don't try to explain it to me, I don't really want to know.


D'Joni said...

ours didn't go down that low, but it didn't jump back up either. It's at 1.89

medic3327 said...

Don't rub it in, in the land of "hey lets stick it to the tourists" the lowest I have seen it is $2.19 and the lowest I have paid is $2.21 and that was today. The bad thing is we are less than 45 miles to one of the largest fuel depots in the country "Port Everglades" in Ft Lauderdale. Most of the fuel in south Ga comes through there and has to be shipped hundreds of miles yet they are .30-.40 cents cheaper a gallon. GO FIGURE!!!

M.E. Again said...

$1.98 again today. Go figure.