Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1) Gas at $1.53 - It just proves that the people who make a living predicting the economy don't know what's going on any more than us ordinary folk. It almost seems like we're in the grips of some sick, evil creature. Oh, That would be Satan. Good thing we have the shield of God's Grace.

2) I found a sappy, sad love song from the 80's playing over the sound system at the grocery particularly distracting today. Made me long for trite stupid Christmas music.

3) A couple of years ago Meredith and I saw a White-tail Buck walking on a railroad overpass on the south side of Springfield. Today I saw another using the same overpass to get between wooded places on either side of the freeway. It was about a ten point. (in Illinois parlance - that would be a 5 point for you Michiganians)

4) I wish I had an 'off' button. I really, really don't want to have to resort to chemically induced sleep. 4 to 6 hours a night makes each day a struggle. From experience, it takes 9 to keep me in the best shape.

5) Here comes another quiet, unexciting Thanksgiving Day. The curse of the small family. But I hear from those that have large demanding families that the grass is NOT greener on the other side. Does anyone really have one of those Normal Rockwell holidays? After our girls are off on their own, maybe we'll go on vacation out of the country over Thanksgiving.



medic3327 said...

1) Don't rub it in.
2) Know what you mean.
3) Sounds like you passed up some good Bambi vittles, to bad.
4) Here here when you can find someone to install one for you tell me where I can get one.
5) Sounds like a good idea by my calculations we'll be about 3 years behind you on our first "Thanksgiving break".

vxbush said...

We shall feel incomplete, as the daughter is still overseas studying. We contemplated not even cooking a big turkey, but the spouse felt we should still do that. We'll just cut down on the number of side dishes. But we're still going to have that pumpkin pie, darn it!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

This year for Thanksgiving, I didn't cook, and it felt really weird! We took my Dad out to a restaurant instead (his wish, not mine) but it was really good. And, it felt good not having to clean up later! :-)

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