Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Morning Randomness.

* I saw the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen around here this morning. He was making his way across the back yard toward the swamp. Hey, Ladies - there's a new boy in town!

* Our spring weather has turned blustery. Time to get back to inside chores today. Yesterday Hannah planted the seeds for this summer's herbs in the pots on the deck. Good things come to those who wait. Yum.

* I don't like grocery shopping for many reasons. Yesterday the family behind me separated their purchases into two carts - hers full of food purchased with an Illinois LINK card ("food stamps"), and his full of beer purchased by $20.00 bills peeled off a roll. My tax money at work vicariously underwriting one heck of a party as it looks.

* Budgeting: We're at the end of our first "official" month of Dave Ramsey budgeting - as opposed to the semi-official program we had going. It seemed pretty simple at first - but I'm so lost. I'm pretty sure I didn't overspend anywhere, but the money ended up in all of the wrong places at the wrong times. Going to have to do some rethinking there...

* Wednesday we'll have an Elston Family Reunion. Harry and Hannah will both be home for the first time in about three weeks.

Cheers! ~M.E.

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