Friday, April 10, 2009

11 days in the desert

Or " some of the things I might not have done had I had the internet working on my computer"

I read Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks - really good book by the way. I deep-cleaned both of our guest bathrooms from the exhaust fans to the baseboards. I took my dog for a long walk - several actually. I made a really blah looking navy blue skirt that is necessary for Teenpact and Blue Lake dress codes. I read Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by C.S.Forester - really good book by the way. I read the State Journal-Register front to back every day. I re-engineered a prom dress for a young friend who was in great need. I matched a basket of socks. I baked bread. I read I Was Told There Would Be Cake by Slone Crosley - could have been a good read except that young authors in her generation tend to use too much gratuitous profanity. I wrote a real letter with pen and paper. I planned several weeks of my Sophomore's schoolwork. (I'm never more than a week ahead.) I watched some really stupid TV. I straightened out the cupboards, made a list, and stocked up on non-perishable groceries. I found a mahjong game on my computer - and played 20 games. I organized my photo folders. I brushed the pets. I read The Queen's Fool by Phillipa Gregory - brain candy I've read before. I worked on Hannah's high school transcripts. I irritated the cats. I tore apart and fixed the light fixture in the kitchen. I erased all the old text msgs on my phone. I bought more books. I cleaned out the master bedroom top to bottom - even washed the curtains. I call a friend on the phone to complain about my lack of internet. I took the final exam to the personal finance course Hannah just finished and scored a 96%. I started and then abandoned another piece of fiction.

So, the satellite repair guy came out today and finally figured out that there was a short in our radio transmitter. Our old modem was fine - except that the power supply blew out when we recycled it after having been on constantly for so long. The total cost has yet to be determined. Those of you that have some kind of cabled in subscription high speed internet, rejoice: for these costs will never be yours.


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