Friday, April 17, 2009

Another First

Hey, Look at me! I'm a subversive political protester! Other than a few anti-abortion prayer rally things, and a pro-homeschooling gathering or two, I've never taken part in a political rally of any sort before. I don't like crowds, I'm not real keen on listening to speeches, and although I have voted in every election I possibly could for the last 20 odd years, telling someone else how to vote just isn't my thing.
I read the reviews in the media, and it seems that us poor brain-washed subversive whiners are just upset that we lost in November, and all we ever do is listen to Rush Limbaugh and FOX news, and we don't love our country enough to want to pay taxes.
Not the case. Personally I'm appalled at the massive overspending happening in all layers of our government. Money that has to be borrowed, and leaves us indebted to other countries. I'm shocked at how horribly BIG our federal government have gotten, and how much control they are taking from the states and from the people. I see a point that if this isn't stopped that freedoms taken 'for our protection' and taxes levied 'to be better able to serve' will leave us all wards of the government and largely working for them ( to pay our taxes). Socialists at best.
I'm an independent voter. Not a Republican nor a Democrat. I'd vote for anyone whom I thought would make some real, positive, HONEST, efforts at making the American Government work for the people again - and letting the PEOPLE be free to pursue our lives, in liberty, and to be happy in what we make of them.

*Jumping off the soap box* Cheers! ~M.E.


D'Joni said...

So You went to a Tea Party?

medic3327 said...

Well Said!!!

medic3327 said...

So that's what a radical hatemonger looks like. Gee look's like a typical AMERICAN MOM to me. Guess we had all better watch our backs.

Cheers sis'