Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I miss my web.

Panera. Free wifi. Like food for the starving.

I've been living for 8 days in the fog of the internetless. No online banking. No email. No blogging. No information about (enter topic here) at my fingertips.

Feels kind of like I've lost one of my senses. Call it the sense of data flow.

We might - maybe - get our hughesnet back up tomorrow night - or maybe the next day.

Back to the stone age with me....


vxbush said...

We have reached the point where diaries, books, encyclopedias, and checkbooks aren't enough to store the information we need. We now require the entire Internet at our fingertips at all times to answer the questions we have, to find the information we need, and to store the bits and blips of stuff that we think are relevant.

An EMP would wipe us out now.

medic3327 said...

Writing letters, dusting off the checkbook, licking stamps (ick), cut off from instant access to info, yup the stone ages really suck!!