Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homeschoolers: A Total Rant

You don't have to read this if you don't wish to.

No, really you don't.

It's an old rant, and you have better things to do.

It happened again today. I was contacted by another 'just moved into the area' homeschool mom. The moving van arrived three weeks ago from a state where the public schools suck, the private schools are expensive, and the homeschool community is big, vibrant, excellent, conservative, and constantly covered with sunshine and rainbows. I learned all of this after I told her about the pitiful by homeschoolers -for homeschoolers offerings we have here in the Springfield area. I immediately sensed the frown followed by the predictable "Well, when we lived in Utopia, there were hundreds of options...." blah, blah, blah.

Lady, that was then. This is now. You telling me how wonderful you had it does neither one of us any good. The answer to your dilemma is either 1) pack up your kids and move back to Utopia 2) drop-kick Junior, Sally, Mitch, Conway, Lucretia, and every ankle biter you have in the future into the Government School System, 3) win the lottery and put the whole crew into a private school, or 4) get used to it, and start becoming part of the solution around here instead of one of the people I have to listen to whining.

"Well, I don't have time to help start (fill in the blank of the program she misses most here...) I have three little ones at home!" So did the people that started the program you came from.

Yup. I'm tired of it. Time to find a new career.


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D'Joni said...

Just remember....Just a couple more years, then it's empty nest time....