Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oops, where'd that week go...

Teenpact week passed quickly past with me mostly driving to and from Springfield x4 daily. I am mightily tired of that twelve mile stretch of road. It might be our last year unless H Girl can get over the embarrassment of being yanked out of class and told she had to wear someone's spare skirt because she had gotten bad gouge on what the dress code was for the last day, and had thought it was ok to wear a blouse and dress PANTS. EVIL, EVIL pants. Several girls had worn dress pants to the last day last year. They are required to wear long skirts on the days they are out and about in the Capitol meeting with people - but the last day is a closed door public speaking class. I've always told my girls to take the good and gracefully move by the bad in the program (that tends to take their Christianity a leetle bit on the legalistic, patriarchal, fundamentalist side.) But a program where kids get by with 'business clothes' that include duct tape ties and skirts from hallowe'en costumes, castigating a girl for dress pants is drawing the line in the wrong place IMHO. I think the best thing is for us to exhibit the grace they didn't - so I don't plan to make a fuss, but I will be requesting a refund on that part of the tuition. I doubt they will be forthcoming with that.

I have a veggie garden! Thanks to a very timely tilling courtesy of our friend Ed, I was able to plant tomatoes, beans, green peppers, egg plant, snap peas, cabbage, squash, onions, and carrots last Sunday - just before it rained all week. If we hadn't been able to squeeze it in on Sunday, I'm not sure when it would have been able to get done. The ground is way too wet to till again - but the little plants are doing great! I also have basil, oregano, cilantro and parsley in pots on the deck. Tomorrow I need to get it mulched in before the weeds take over.

Oh, it's 2:18 am, and a Barred Owl is hooting away outside the window keeping me company. Sounds like he's in a tree in the ravine.

Hope you had a good week, too. ~M.E.

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medic3327 said...

Happy gardening, I would like to get a herb garden in this year but I just don't know if I will have the time with all of the other projects around the house.