Saturday, May 16, 2009

M.E. is....

.... I find it interesting and a little pathetic when people put up their every emotional change up as a facebook status. Don't they realize that "Forever in love and livin' the dream!!!!!" can turn into " single again - liars should burn in hell!!!" so quickly the keyboard on the cell phone won't even have time to get cold? I suppose they don't or they wouldn't bother.

Besides, is all that the business of every single one of your 287 BFF's? A person I know announced their intent to move several hours away "in three weeks, if all goes well" on FB not long ago. This person is employed, and has not resigned their position. So, now you can bet your employer knows, and you can expect to get fired. What if not all goes well? How does it feel to be standing on a bridge as you burn it?

M.E. is.... .... frustrated, sleepless, stressed, and cautioning you all about how you use these 21st century communication tools.

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