Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For the love of Art

My Art History class is almost done. The sad part is that I've barely had time to convey the highlights to the kids in the class. The fascinating and important things I've had to leave out fill several random bookcases in my brain. (so, maybe they're called 'headcases', I know I am.) 50 minutes never goes so fast at any other time. I'm preparing my last lecture today: M.C.Escher. He was a brilliant master of impossible perspectives, tessellations, and topology; a true original in his art that has never been successfully imitated.

Next year I'm teaching Critical Thinking, Basic Poetry, and an Intro to Shakespeare. Those are all good classes that will benefit the kids, but I will truly miss flipping the lights off, powering up the projector, and helping them discover the joy of great art.



vxbush said...

While there are definite mathematical principles behind Escher's art, I have yet to see anyone teach them or provide a method for reproducing them, except in an article or two in Scientific American decades ago. Very sad.

vxbush said...

Oh, and never let yourself think that you have done something that the kids will forget: when I was in junior high our art teacher spent weeks going over the impressionist masters. I was able to test out of college art appreciation thanks to that class and it has helped me in many a Jeopardy question! ;D