Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Allergy Season

Someone came home late (Tuesday) evening, spent 20 minutes careening through the house like a blind buffalo (looking for her telephone...) - her eyes streaming with histamine filled tears, and lungs starting to gasp. Looks like the mulberries (beeches, ashes, lindens - you name it.) are pollinating again.

The other allergy sufferers have all been on allergy shots and their seasonal symptoms have vastly lessened. They are soundly sleeping. 1 am and I'm doodling with this persleckeda computer - killing time instead of sending up ZZZ's, waiting to see if tonight is the night for our Annual Allergy Emergency Room Pilgrimage.

It's just easier than being awakened at 2:30 AM.



vxbush said...

A coworker (who shall remain nameless) has a son in high school who cannot seem to figure out that if he takes his inhalers and allergy medications every day, he'll feel better. So he takes them for a few days, sets them down in the weirdest places (the mud room?), can't find the medications and then spirals down again. Self-fulfilling prophecy, it seems. He should be thankful I'm not his mom; I would have busted his butt already.

Hubster-fellow sufferer said...

Snork, sniffle, hack,hack.