Friday, May 2, 2008

TP Done

TeenPact is 'mostly' done for the year. I'm typing along here while waiting for time to go and pick Hannah up from the last class. It was enjoyable after having the break. Hannah liked it mostly for the same reason Meredith did. She was able, for a whole week, to hang out with kids her own age and talk about real stuff.

The Uber-Conservative Young Earth crowd are still attending in abundance. One young lady who stayed with us asked very directly if Harry was a 'creationist' the second she heard he was a scientist. I affirmed that, yes, he is a strong Christian believer. She persisted in asking if he believed 'what the Bible says about creation' (emphasis hers) and without changing expression much I told her that he'd love to talk to her about that, if she had time she should ask.

I see that World Mag this week has a snippet about a book by David Snoke Ph.D. (Physics) on the subject. I've seen what astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross ( Creator and The Cosmos) has to say, but I think I'll order Snoke's "A Biblical Case for an Old Earth' just to see his take on it.

If anyone knows of a Young Earth resource written by someone with current, high-caliber scientific credentials in a related field (astronomy, physics, geology, etc.) let me know. I'd like to take a look.


kate said...

Don't know about the stuff you're inquiring about but do want to let it be known that it was nice to see and hear Meredith "on stage" this weekend. Her instrumental part added to the harmony beautifully. Thanks!

JustG said...

I hope the lass had that conversation with Harry. That would have been enjoyable to listen in on.

M.E. Again said...

For better, or worse - Harry left Wednesday for Texas, and the conversation never occurred. I'm finding my own research convoluted. It seems like everyone has come to the table with their minds made up.

Not that it surprises me.