Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Homeschool Activity Fair '08

I called the library tonight and booked the two big adjoining meeting rooms for the 3rd annual Spfld Homeschool Activity Fair. It’s an event where I try and get everyone who has some sort of activity/class/club they want to offer to hsing families all in one room on one night, and then get the families to come and sign up. This will be the third and last year where I, as a committee of one, will put this party together. There are a few things that experience has taught me will happen:

1) No matter when I set the dead-line for presenters, about 20% of the people will miss it – and still expect to get table space and a blurb in the hand outs. I will get them table space, and take the hand-outs to the printer at the last second to avoid leaving the slackers out. I’m just a nice person.
2) I will get lots of suggestions but no volunteers.
3) There will be complaints about everything costing too much. People complaining that there aren’t enough free activities won’t be the ones volunteering their time to keep other family’s costs down.
4) Some new homeschool mom will come in the door and see everyone and start crying, because she suddenly doesn’t feel so alone.
5) When it’s over I’ll be glad I did it, but glad it’s done.

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WorkerBee#1 said...

But with a committee of one and a couple of worker bees, it won't be like hearding cats - more like directing German Shepherds.