Thursday, May 29, 2008

Medical Curve Ball

Just when I'm totally convinced that our medical establishment is designed to be so completely hostile that more and more people will stay home and be sick as a preferable alternitive to running the gauntlet to seek medical care, I have this experience:

I arrive at my Dr's office about 4 minutes before my appointment, because I know there is no use to showing up early. I sign in and sometime between being asked to confirm my address for the third time in 4 days and handing over my copay check, I realise that there is someone standing at my elbow. I turn and find.....

A Nurse, with an clipboard computer! She looks right at me and smiles. "As soon as you are through there, we're ready for you." You coulda knocked me over with a fender. I made a joke about how I could not possibly be ready to see the doctor for at least 1/2 hour, and we laughed politely, and went right on back to a patient room.

After we dispense with the BP, temp, pulse, hop-on-the-scale routine, and I start in on telling her why I'm here, she stops me; "Why don't you tell Dr. - He's standing outside the door waiting for me to finish.

No. Way. This. Is. Happening.

Now I have to tell you, my family doctor is one hard working guy. He's good at what he does, but working for a big clinic that is owned by a big insurance company that ensures mostly government employees Guarantees that he will be vastly overworked. But somehow...not today.

Doc walks right in, sits down, we chat about this nasty staph infection, he tortures me to the point of nearly puking, and advises me to return on Monday for more torture. By 20 minutes past my appointment time I'm walking out the office door to the appointment desk. 45 minutes after my appointment time, I make it home.

One Sure Thing----> that will never happen again.

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hubster said...

I still think "aliens"

Either that or you this will be the one time you get a "How did we do on your last visit" survey!