Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black Beauty

The trip to Chicago yesterday was successful, if you count getting what you went for as success. The monetary total was a bit alarming, but in the end, settling for less was not an option. I've rather inadvertently taught my girls not to settle for less in most cases, and when one falls in love, it is best to choose a quality beau.

We purchased a new piano, which was a surprise. We purchased a hand-made European piano, which was another surprise. We purchased one of the smaller cased pianos she tried, which was still another surprise.

What will be delivered next week sometime is a 45" tall, gloss black studio sized piano made by Bohemia. It is a company in the Czech Republic, who really specialize in much larger pianos, but up until this last year also made a few of these smaller models. Bohemia pianos are much more in demand in Europe than they are in North America - they are also relatively unknown here because there is only one distributor and they import less than 300 pianos a year.

Hannah loved the touch of this piano. Even being 'a little out of tune, and not yet voiced' it has a lovely, rich, big sound - that is also very capable of whispering. It's mate on the floor had already been worked over by the loving hands of the Cordogan technicians, and the voicing was amazing for what is considered a smaller vertical piano.

PS to Neil. If you don't like this piano. I don't want to know.


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