Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They're taking over

If asked, we'll tell you pretty quickly that we don't watch very much TV. I didn't recognize any of the shows that won Emmys a few days back. But we do have our time wasting electronics. They are just as bad as TV or video games in their own insidious ways. We are a home of three people and four computers. When our 4th drops in, she brings another with her - and has a 6th at her apartment. When my Sis and BIL visit, they bring their own, too. There are very few days that ALL of our computers aren't powered up and used on the 'net at one time or another. Two live on desks in the office, a lap top floats around on the main level just in case someone is too lazy to even walk down to the office when they want to goof off, and the new red Dell notebook often sits on the red chair in case someone wants to surf and watch TV at the same time.

This morning my goal was to clean the main living space in advance of the piano being delivered this afternoon. What have I done? Checked out the news on-line, read a couple of blogs, peaked in on Facebook, checked my EMail, written a couple of replies, spent an hour sorting the pictures off my two compact flash cards, uploaded a couple of those and photoshopped a couple of others, and messed with the hand-outs I'm making for Friday just so I could justify the 90 minutes I've been sitting here.

Oh, and wrote a crabby blog entry about time wasting computers. Looks like some adjustments are necessary.



hubster said...

Don't you know that computers free up so much time so we can spend it on other things? That's what we were told back in the 1980s. We're supposed to be down to a 10 hour work-week by now because of computers!

Kate said...

It took me 15 secs to figure out what BIL meant. I'm behind the times.
We are.
One TV
Two PCs networked, wishing it was one.
I spent time at APL, visiting Mom, waterproofing the deck, enjoying the gulch, reading FAHRHENHEIT 451.
Still, I am guilty. Tonight is "Dancing with the Stars".