Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Social Experiment

Hannah was invited to the Tri-City Homecoming Dance this year. She and her girlfriends were all very excited at the prospect of their very first high school dance. This is even more of a quirky interesting thing if you remember that Hannah is homeschooled, and homeschoolers are supposedly horrendously unsociable, and never have the opportunity to have those 'normal' teenage milestones - like high school dances.

The girls were all very, very excited. The outfit planning and date hunting started back in August. The dresses, as you can see all turned out well - but only one of the girls ended up with a male 'date' and then it took massive amounts of coercion from the lad's youth ministers, which was totally unfair to him. The pre-party was fun. The girls got together to eat, dress, do hair and make-up and get pictures taken.

The reports I got from the dance were less than enthusiastic. The music turned out to be a mix of country and gangsta rap - and way too loud and profane. The general upperclass ( and I use that term very loosely)female population of the school seemed to turn out in sleezy dresses in which they spent the evening grinding up against each other and their leering, farmboy dates. They took their dancing lessons from MTV, along with their wardrobe selection.

Hannah was unimpressed, as I had a feeling she would be. You see, Meredith went to a high school dance herself about 5 or 6 years ago, and found the same thing. At least she won't have to wonder anymore. So, next year it'll be easy to talk her out of wanting to go, we'll just find something better to do - like throw our own party.

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