Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Blessing

A good thing about not watching TV and living in Illinois is that I am not continually subjected to political ads. When I have a curiosity or a need for information, I seek it out. I can find the bits I want to study from more-or-less neutral sources (ie: not paid political announcements)and not have to listen to the carefully crafted sound bites and smooth talking announcers for my 'information'. As an added bonus, neither campaign is spending much jack in Illinois, because they already know that all the dead people in Chicago will swing this state for Obama anyhow.

Which of these two proposed administrations will hurt us less in the next four years? That has become my criteria. No one - or no group will be able to "save" us or "Change" us in that length of time. The country is so far in debt - both personal and national - that even our great grand kids are screwed.

Biden said that it would be a patriotic thing to be willing to pay more taxes to put America back on track. What *is* he thinking?


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