Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cityscape for sale

Here's the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love that has a very coolish modern design going on in their abode. 6 ft by 2 ft in oranges, greens, blacks and other contemporary colors. She's come to the conclusion that letting them stack up in our studio isn't as good as having someone else own them - and art supplies aren't cheap. negotiable.
common' you know you want an M. E. The Younger Original.


vxbush said...

I would buy it, but I don't have a place to put a 6' X 2' picture. If it were horizontally oriented, I could put it above my fireplace--but then, it's still too long.

Does Mer work on commission?

M.E. Again said...

I bet she would. She makes her own frames - any size she wants. She has one that's about three feet square that she's working on soon. The one pictured is one of those deep, boxy ones with painted sides. She may even let someone commission a painting in a particular range of colors. My experience is that if you get too particular about your preferences your painting will never get finished - or maybe that's just me.

Toodles said...

It's outstanding!She needs to be included in local displays, say Trout Lily or Bluestem Bakery or the Prairie Art Alliance, so on and so forth. What is striking about this piece is the soothing quality of the sunset compared to the busy attitude of the buildings.