Friday, June 13, 2008

Need Mow Dry Days.

This morning, on my list of things to do was mowing the lawns. Even the parts that consist completely of compacted clay are growing green things. It's not 'grass' but it's green, so I'm thankful. I flipped on the Weather Channel at about 7:15 am. Ka-Rap. Here comes another gully-washer storm. Just when the place isn't so squishy the mower leaves wheel marks. At 7:30 I roust the kiddo and head out. I had planned on being lazy until about ten, when the place would have been drier. Yeah, Right. Full steam ahead we mow for about 45 minutes, until the rain starts. We get 90% finished. At 8:30 it's pouring buckets again - but the lawn is mostly done. This has been the weirdest spring.

My goal was to have that ribbonwork finished by Tuesday Evening. Uh, Huh. I have about three more hours to do. I've been putting it off.


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