Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pile o' Books

Hannah is at camp this week. I had thought to have a week with plenty of down time, but here it is Wednesday and that doesn't seem to be happening. One of the things I'd promised myself to do this week was to change out the pile of books behind, under and beside my bed. I have to keep some books in there because it is utterly impossible to go to sleep without reading something first. Here's a look at what has migrated from the bookcases and bookstores to my bedroom since January - the last time I dug everything out and put it away.

Essentually I'm using this job to put off things I'm even less inclined to do when what I really should do is either work on Homeschool Fair stuff or that sewing - that I haven't yet finished.

I have several new books lined up to read: three books on creationism and the age of the earth/universe, the curriculum for my Critical Thinking class at co-op in the fall, and 'True Truth' which is the book our small group just started. I'm about 1/2 way through 'The Genesis Debate' edited by David Hagopain. It is a worthwhile read. I'm dissapointed that the defenders they have writing for the 24 hour view aren't true Young Earth Creationists at the core, but it is a rousting discussion about what we know and do not know - and what we've found out, what we take on faith, and what we want very hard to believe in spite of the physical evidence - about how God accomplished all of this wonder called Creation. It's slow going since it requires a great deal of thought along the way.

Time to go pick up those books and file them back into the bookcases - those that will fit.


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