Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What occupies my hands

This will be a new Osage ribbonwork panel for a skirt I'm making for Hannah. I haven't made one of these in years. Fact is; I haven't done any NA craft work in almost two years. I'm not a crafter that enjoys the process. I have a certain talent, but I make things that need to me made, and am glad when things are finished. She has far outgrown her previous ribbonwork. It was way too long when I made it for her around six years of age, and now it is 9" too short. This one will be only 3" shorter than my own, so it should do for her as the last set she'll need unless she wants to make one or purchase one for herself later in life.

I really don't see either of our girls pursuing this hobby after they leave our home. Harry and I may get back to going to Pow wows more often after they are fledged, but I'm not as interested as I once was, either. There was a time we attended about 15 or more Pow wows a year, back in the early to late '90s. Over time it became obvious to me that although I enjoyed the friends I had at Pow wows, I didn't really enjoy the culture, I wasn't fascinated by the regalia, and I *only* enjoyed the music in conjunction with actually dressing and dancing myself - I couldn't stand listening to it recorded whilst in the middle of my normal life.

I also noted a distinct and increasing level of low-lifes at these gatherings. Even the 'good' Pow wows in the Midwest became populated by largely New Age fruitcakes, White Trash Wannabes, Apple Indians looking for their roots in the wrong places, and 'Rez Skins that flock around to take advantage of those of the former ilk by assorted mooching behaviours. Your average former Boy Scout Hobbyist, Crafts person or amature anthropologist didn't have a chance.

Then we started traveling to Indian Country to attend some Tribal and Family gatherings, and found the life of a family of White Pow Wow Pets to be unsatisfyingly degrading. Indians are some of the most prejudiced people I have ever met. It's so prevalent the little brown kids wouldn't even play with our light skinned daughters. Outside of a very small group where we were accepted, it was uncomfortable to the point of hostility. Not exactly someplace to go for a relaxing family outing.

So, now we attend a couple of carefully selected Pow wows each year. There is a big one coming up that is thrown only every three years. Time to make sure the dance clothes will hold out and look good. Thus, I'm back to sewing projects this week.


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