Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Our woods are wallowing in water, heat and sun. The trees are gorging and putting on so much growth they can hardly hold themselves up. They are groaning like your old uncle after that final piece of pie on Thanksgiving. Our lawn could use mowing twice a week, but since last week has never been dry enough to mow. The air is so wet, it seems as if you drink it instead of breathe; sultry, still and as heavy as the branches of the trees.

The past couple or three years have seen mostly dry springs. There have been a few gully washers and some local flooding, but still mostly dry. This year is vastly different. It’s been wetwetwet, but also quite sunny. Often it will rain buckets in the morning and clear off to a beautiful blue afternoon or wake us up to sweet sunshine, then cloud up and dump afternoon thunderstorms all over us. The combination has us saturated in green, flowering, sprouting, climbing, growing life all around. Lovely, Lovely.

Hmm. The cranky part? Mosquitoes the size of B1B’s.

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