Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Funny thing is that while I was gone, I kept thinking of eloquent things I wished to write down someplace. Now... I got nuthin'. The Pow wow was good. It was steaming hot, there were biting flies and nasty no-see-ums, it poured rain the last night, I felt wonky, and a friend fell in the mud and shattered her wrist - but it was still good. Hannah had fun, and after some encouragement found some kids to run about with that didn't seem like hoodlums. The hotel was close enough for cooling off mid-afternoon. We didn't overspend our budget too much. We saw a lot of old friends we don't get to see much, and had a few laughs.

I took a few pictures of Meredith working at the squatter's studio. Lucky worshippers at RCC might get to see these Jerusalem sky line paintings if they get finished. I get the impression that Meredith works up there more than the professional guys that are supposed to be making their living at this. Slackers.
Don't expect much posting for a while except if I happen to be awake in the middle of the night - like I am now. I'm multi-tasking several projects and making up for those times I take unscheduled vacation days.

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