Tuesday, July 22, 2008

too much people

On Sunday, the guest minister at our Church explained that he was an introvert. He is exactly the same sort of introvert that I am, by his description.

In volunteering to be a runner for the World Changer's Springfield mission week, I have spent two long days in a pick-up truck driving circles around Springfield with a lovely lady that is a fully gregarious extrovert - and who just loves to hear herself talk. Then, as we made stops at our assigned work crew sites we'd chat to more folks, and team leaders would call me on the phone and ask for items to be fetched and delivered. We didn't have ANY down time in two days. We made 1/2 hour each day - under protest from our needy crews- to eat lunch. She talked through lunch.

I got home tonight and one of my very best friends stopped by - to talk. My kid wants to chat while I'm starting dinner ( she sat home all day and did nothing...) and my older kid, husband, and pets all need attending.

Then, there's calls and EMails about homeschool fair.

Finally, Finally everyone gets from me what he or she needs.

I am empty - poured out to those that needed me today -and too full of those very same people. I must find some silence and space. I will sit here and eat oreos, and contemplate Mme. Julie Recamier (by David) and The Astronomer ( by Johannes Vermeer) and try to regain my balance so I can do it again tomorrow.


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