Monday, July 7, 2008

An Exciting Day

Today Hannah rode a horse for the first time. It was a good experience. We visited the ranch of some homeschooling friends. Ben - the young man in the photo- homeschools because public school used to interfere with his rodeos. He is a champion calf roper and team roper. I think the team still ropes calves, but not being a rodeo person I'm not completely sure about any of this. Ben has won every saddle he owns - two already this summer alone - and has a showcase full of obnoxious prize belt buckles. Their home is a lovely turn of the 20th century farm house they have lovingly continued to restore since they purchased it 10 years ago partially done. They own about 15 horses. The ones that were ridden today by the kids were the 'pet' horses. The rodeo horses are kept in a different pasture like elite athletes. The horse Hannah rode is the easiest rider they have. In fact she would have liked a little more umph under the rump after a while since this horse was pretty much stuck in 'mosey' and liked to stop and eat grass every time Hannah's attention wandered. We've been invited back to ride again and to watch Ben do some 'roping' later in the summer. Maybe I'll ride then, but today I'm having back trouble so it would have been a very bad idea.

In other news, Hannah had her braces removed today. I didn't get a picture, since she looked a little 'post-horse riding' and would have been reluctant to pose for a close-up. She had a big wad of bubblegum in her face about 3.5 seconds after the dentist had finished removing the glue. Stay Tuned, I'll get a picture of that new smile soon.


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Kate said...

Now I want to go riding! That's one thing we miss about not going to Montana; we knew the ranchers and the horses and got to lead rides a couple of times. Then there was the time the help quit and we had to bring in the cattle in snowy, windy weather...Hope Hannah takes to it. She's learned already that the rider constantly must reign in the hoss!

Congrats to her on the pearly whites be released from boundage.