Monday, July 28, 2008


So, do you remember that infection I had a couple of months back I was complaining about? Well, poor Hannah's got the same thing on her leg, and Harry's fighting one off, too. What's it with these super germs, and how do we get rid of them?!?

Meredith's old bedroom is transforming into our new guest bedroom and study. The paint is just about finished - I have to take a fine brush after a few sections of trim and go over places where the old red paint still shows. It's now the color of a new clay pot - maybe just a touch lighter. And light it is! The room is so much more open and light. The red, although it was M's style when she was going through her medieval European castle stage, never truly suited the north facing room. I'll post pictures when I have the room completed. (or maybe not. Ken and DJ will be our first guests in the newly redecorated room in mid-August, and it would make a nice surprise.)

Homeschool Activity Fair is two days away. I think I'm ready - I just have a bit of printing to do and some organizing of paperwork. I'm not sweating it. It will go how it goes, and someone else will do it (or not) next time.


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