Friday, July 18, 2008

Whoop-te-do for us

They opened a THIRD Wal-Mart in our town of 120,000 this week. We also have a Meijer and a Super Target. They made a big whoo-ha about the new Wally-World being 'green!'. Golly-gee, it's got LED lighting, recycled content in the flooring, sustainable resource wood in the cabinetry, and - drumroll please - solar panels!

They paved a farm field, and a couple of acres of wooded scrub to put up this thing, and the out-lots knocked down several more acres of trees. They built this in a previously undeveloped section of the area just outside the city limits, when we have two or three former commercial zones moldering into urban decay within just a few miles of there. I would almost have welcomed a Wal-Mart at McArthur and Outer Park Drive - for instance (a reference for my local readers.)

I detest Wal-Mart. I go there as seldom as possible, and buy as little as I can get away with. That machine is America's least common denominator. Harry will laugh at this because he knows I don't mind Sam's Club as much - and they're twin siblings. Sam's has great meat, fresh fruits, frozen foods, OTC meds, laundry and house cleaning supplies, and bakery goods that save a great deal more than the $35.00 buck a year fee. As you can see I'm still a total Capitalist, and inconsistent in my opinions.


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