Tuesday, July 1, 2008

random from Minnesota

~We're in St. Paul MN where Harry has business. Hannah and I tagged along

~ I have a cousin who lives here I haven't seen in over 20 years.

~ We went to the Twins/Tigers game last night. Tigers won. Harry's happy (being originally a Michiganian - and always a faithful man.)

~ Hannah is sick. She missed the game. I'm glad she's 14. Any younger and I'd have had to miss the game, too. There are advantages to be had when kids are older.

~ St. Paul has a rocking arboretum. We went there yesterday afternoon.

~I hope today goes as planned. Hannah seems a bit better this am, but maybe not better enough to go on with the major plans. may have to change them some.

cheers! ~M.E.


Neil said...

[ahem] Just for the casual reader's information, the Twins and the Tigers are both rivals for the second place spot underneath the first place Chicago White Sox...

Not that I'm attempting to evaluate how amazingly awesome the Sox (who recently swept the Chicago Cubs) are...

Sorry...couldn't help my Sox pride. Hope Hannah feels better.

vxbush said...

Have fun, you guys. My female offspring is home going through her stuff to determine what goes with her overseas for six months. Trying to introduce two cats is generating a great lack of sleep.