Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today we're leaving for the once-every-three years event called National Pow Wow. It's at a county fair grounds outside of the sputtering city of Danville Illinois. We're lucky to live near because there will be Pow Wow people there from as far away as New England, Texas, The Carolinas, The Dakotas, and the Golf Coast. Pending people who can't make it because of the current gas prices, there should be about 300-400 dancers there. It started last night, and goes until Sunday. Last time, in '05, we were part of the staff, so we spent the entire week over there. This year since we learned our lesson we aren't part of the staff and we'll leave tonight and come back on Sunday.

Here's a picture of Harry carrying the American flag in '05. I don't remember which session this was for since a different veteran carries it every time.

Here's Hannah on the right. Isn't she the cutest lil thing? She tells me that at the end of the last NPW she remembers thinking that she'd be 'almost 15' at the next National, and that seemed impossible. Surprise! Although 14 2/3 is more accurate.

I'm a little sore from a back problem I acquired on our last trip. Keep me in your prayers. I'll likely have to see a physician for this when we get back, and most of you know how much I dread that.


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