Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Date with Twins

This is the photograph one must capture - or so I am told - to prove you have indeed visited Minneapolis. I heard about the big spoon w/ cherry before I left home, and again as I was digging for my camera a local was advising her tourist friend of the same thing.

This is the picture I have chosen to represent St. Paul - the smaller but no less sweet twin. The weather has been stunning while we were here. The museums and other places we visited were not very busy and the people were generally polite and even the 'rush hours' on the freeways were not long or difficult. Twins fans at the baseball were even polite and tolerant of the visiting tiger fans. It was sort of like the cities were on their best behaviour for our first date. It's time for us to go home before I fall in love.

We return to Goldenwood tomorrow. More pictures after I can get to the main computer - and my photo programs so I can make them look spiffy.


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Annette M. Heidmann said...

Fun to see your new blog over here! You are making me homesick with these pics of my old stomping grounds... Paul and I lived in Bloomington and South St. Paul when we were first married and our oldest two were born in Minneapolis! T'is beautiful there in the summer... and differently so in the winter.